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Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Location : Sutton-In-Ashfield NG17
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Job Description : Non-Executive Directors should scrutinise the performance of the management in meeting agreed goals and objectives for quality, safety and financial performance and monitor the reporting of this performance.

They should satisfy themselves as to the integrity of financial, clinical and other information, and that financial and clinical quality controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.

Non-executive directors are responsible for determining appropriate levels of remuneration of executive directors and have a prime role in appointing and where necessary removing, executive directors and in succession planning.

Please note any interested candidates must reside in the East Midlands and be a qualified Accountant

Establishing clear objectives to deliver the agreed plans and strategy to meet the Terms of Authorisation and to deliver against agreed quality, safety and financial objectives and regularly review performance against those objectives
Ensuring effective implementation of board of director decisions by the chief executive and senior management team
Holding the chief executive to account for the effective management and delivery of the organisations strategic aims and objectives
Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Foundation Trust
Analysing and contributing positively to the strategic development of long term healthcare plans for the community
Leading in internal and external discussions on the strategic development of the Foundation Trust and attending Health community meetings and events
Provide vision to the Foundation Trust to capitalise on the freedoms it enjoys as a result of its status and to promote and maximise the benefits
Contributing to constructive debate regarding the strategic development of the NHS Foundation Trust and any other significant issues facing the organisation
Building and maintaining close relations between the Foundation Trust’s Constituencies through engaging with the Governors and stakeholder groups
Ensuring the board of directors sets challenging objectives for improving performance
Ensuring that strategies and actions approved by the board of directors are implemented effectively by the Chief Executive and the senior management team

We are an award-winning NHS Foundation Trust providing acute and community healthcare services for 420,000 people across Mansfield, Ashfield, Newark, Sherwood and parts of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire. We are working closely with partners in health and social care through the Mid Nottinghamshire Integrated Care Partnership to take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards, and improving the health of the population we serve.

We put the patient at the centre of everything that we do, and it is our aim to make sure that every patient is treated as we would want a member of our own family to be treated. At the same time we expect our staff to be caring, kind and courteous to each other and to look out for each other. We believe that we are truly a clinically led organisation.

We are truly proud to be the HSJ Trust of the Year for 2020, and of our CQC ratings.


Ensuring that the Foundation Trust complies with its Terms of Authorisation, License obligations the Constitution and any other applicable legislation and regulations
Maintaining services and retaining protected property as defined in the Terms of Authorisation
Maintaining the financial viability, using resources effectively, controlling and reporting on financial affairs in accordance with the requirement set out by NHS Improvement, the Regulator.
Ensuring the best use of financial and other resources in order to maximise effective treatment to patients
Ensuring that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and that the board is kept fully informed through timely and relevant information.
Participating in the appointment of the Chief Executive and other senior staff, as appropriate
Working with Commissioners to ensure the effective delivery of services commissioned through contracted arrangements.
With the assistance of the trust secretary, promoting the highest standards of corporate and clinical governance in compliance with the NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance and other regulatory requirements and best practice, where appropriate
Upholding the values of the Foundation Trust by example, and to ensure that the organisation promotes equality and diversity for all its patients, staff and other stakeholders
Promoting equality of opportunity and human rights in the treatment of all staff and patients
Ensuring the Foundation Trust meets is commitment to patients and targets for
Establishing and maintaining the highest standards of clinical and environmental hygiene to assure robust infection control standards

Board responsibilities

Ensure, through the leadership of the Chief Executive, the Board:

Participating fully in the work of the board, acting in the best interests of the Trust and ensuring the corporate responsibility of the board of directors
Attending and or chairing committees, and other ad hoc meetings of the main board and acting as ‘lead’ non-executive director for selected functions – for example: Diversity and Inclusivity; Safeguarding; Infection Control and Whistle blowing
Maintains mandatory services and retains protected property as defined in the Terms of Authorisation
Maintains financial viability, uses resources effectively and controls and reports its finance in accordance with the requirements set by NHSI
Ensures the Trust is key partner within the ICS system and builds effective provider collaborations with other organisations
Undertakes commissions or makes facilities available for research and development and health care education, in conjunction with universities, further education institutions and research funding bodies.
Participates in a full, formal and tailored induction programme and subsequent development activities, facilitated by the Director of Corporate Affairs.
Works with Clinical Commissioning Groups to ensure the effective delivery of services commissioned through contracted arrangements.
Meets all statutory requirements, legal and contractual requirements, and advice relating to safety of the public, staff, patients, personal privacy and patient confidentiality.

Council of Governors, responsibilities

In addition to those tasks relevant to the Council listed in General Responsibilities, to:

Preside at council meetings and give direction to the work of the Council
Ensure a proper flow of information between the Board and the Council
Ensure an effective communications strategy is maintained to keep members and stakeholders informed
Ensure that governors are given appropriate development for their role.

Other responsibilities

To represent the Trust at community functions, and meetings and act as a spokesperson
Working with the lead non- executive director or senior independent director on the annual performance evaluation of the chair, in line with the process agreed by the Council of Governors and reporting back to the Council of Governors appropriately
Undergoing an individual and board performance appraisal and attending any additional training highlighted as a result of the evaluation process

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