Top Reasons You Need to Choose Moissanite for Your Engagement

The moissanite gemstone has emerged as the newest fad in alternative engagement rings. This stone has gained enormous popularity, and many couples are now selecting it over the conventional diamond for their engagement rings. 

You may be familiar with Moissanite jewelers, a brilliant stone that may be mistaken for a diamond by the untrained eye. Shiny, powerful, unique, sleek, and most importantly, inexpensive describe these diamonds.

Consider purchasing a Moissanite ring before taking out a vehicle or credit card loan. This beautiful stone has a diamond-like appearance but costs ten times less. Here are the main justifications for thinking about purchasing a Moissanite engagement ring.

Affordability: Moissanite Costs Less Than Diamond

Moissanite is a considerably more cheap alternative to diamonds, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious couples. A moissanite engagement ring can be purchased for a small fraction of the cost of a diamond of the same size and quality, which can cost thousands of dollars. Thus, buying a magnificent engagement ring is possible without going over budget. The average cost of a moissanite engagement ring is less than one-tenth that of a diamond ring.

Moissanite is nearly as durable as diamond.

The hardest gemstone resembling a diamond is moissanite, which is also the most similar in appearance. The second-hardest gemstone in the world is moissanite, which has a Mohs hardness of 9.5. Because of its strength and toughness, Moissanite jewelers is not readily damaged or shattered with frequent wear. If you want an engagement ring that will last a lifetime. Moissanite engagement rings are the best option since they won’t crack or scratch. Without concern for scratching, tarnishing, or breaking, might be worn every day like a diamond.

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Fire & Brilliance:

Because silicon carbide makes up all of it, there is an infinite supply. Its twofold refractive index makes it more brilliant and fiery. The “fire dispersion” describes the quantity of “white light that disperses in the gem and reflects on its inner surfaces.” The brilliance refractive index of a gemstone is a measurement of how much light a gemstone refracts at various angles. It implies that you will see even more glitter (2.4 times more, to be precise) than you would in a typical diamond.

Moissanite is a human-made gemstone:

There are lab-grown diamonds available for purchase, but all moissanite gemstones are artificial rather than mined, allaying many worries about the morality of the diamond trade. Naturally occurring moissanite does not come in large enough pieces to get carved into valuable jewels.

Environmentally Responsible:

A green option is moissanite. Unfortunately, there is no ctrl+z or undo button to remove the impacts of gem mining. However, by choosing moissanite and spreading the word about it as an alternative, you may increase demand for lab-created moissanite and gradually lessen the need or dependence on mining. Because silicon carbide makes up all of it, there is an infinite supply.

Moissanite resembles diamond in appearance:

There are several color options for moissanite. There are several colors, like white, yellow, pink, blue, green, red, brown, and orange. It is well-known that moissanite of different colors has various characteristics. As an illustration, yellow moissanite is more fire-resistant than white moissanite. Compared to yellow moissanite, white moissanite is said to be more durable.

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Numerous Choices:

You may design your engagement ring to precisely meet your tastes because moissanite is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Moissanite may get shaped to fit your vision, whether you desire a traditional round cut, a glittering princess cut, or a one-of-a-kind and customized design. Moissanite is also the best option for vast settings, from simple solitaires to intricate halo patterns, thanks–to its bright brilliance.

More clarity:

Moissanite is considered eye-clean or faultless to the naked sight. Our gemstones have the finest clarity imaginable and have passed our stringent examination process.


Moissanite is a fantastic option for engagement rings for many couples, regardless of whether keeping their jewelry inexpensive, moral, or simply stunning and glittering is their top goal. An increasingly fashionable and well-accepted alternative to the classic diamond is moissanite. When considering ring possibilities, ensure to look at a few moissanite options to see if any appeal to you. A material you never anticipated loving may contain the engagement ring of your dreams!

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