10 Steps to Happiness: How and Where to Start on the Way to Happiness

10 Steps to Happiness: How and Where to Start on the Way to Happiness

Everyone has heard about happiness. Some think about its meaning already in kindergarten, others try to unravel its mystery at a mature age. Because to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day is a buzz! And no one wants to suffer for the wasted years.

The phrase “to be happy” has even become as clichéd as overused advertising slogans. Like “high quality at low prices” or a “team of professionals”.

We rush for years, like Formula 1 drivers, to achieve goals and prosperity, to gain status and love. We are warmed by the hope of becoming happy. But triumph brings only a short-term effect of joy. Wakes up the “greed” and the pursuit of new desires. But why? What is the main ingredient of happiness?

Mistakes on the Road to Happiness

Many people are on a lifelong search for the Bluebird. Changing places, changing love partners, having material possessions, thrills, power, religion, all-out workaholism, or satisfying all physical fantasies, but to no avail.

Having certain things and values gives short-lived pleasure and relief. Then insatiability and dissatisfaction awaken, and the next round of the hunt for happiness. This movement resembles wandering in a labyrinth, when it is difficult to find a way out and you find yourself at a dead end. Strengths melt away, time flies away, hopes are dashed, bitterness and dissatisfaction grow, the meaning of existence is lost.

Happiness is not obtained by summing up money, achievements, pleasures, minus failures and ordeals. It reflects a way of looking at things, a state of inner self that is independent of incidents and problems.  Remember the law: “When you rearrange the sum of the parts, the sum does not change,” and it applies to the formula for happiness.

But happiness is an attainable thing, you just have to know where to look for that treasure, and with what detector.

Where Happiness Hides

More than two thousand years ago, Aristotle sought an answer to the question of happiness. Centuries have passed since the philosopher’s time, wars have erupted and subsided, incredible scientific discoveries have been made. People fly on jet planes, use robot vacuum cleaners, gamble with a casino welcome bonus – 22Bet, communicate by video communication from all possible points of the earth, but they still puzzle over happiness.

Could it be the fate of humans to seek and be perpetually unsatisfied?

The secret is that happiness isn’t hidden outside, it’s in the depths of consciousness. It’s obtained by working on oneself and transforming one’s thinking. And then everything else, external, comes along.

Happiness isn’t a specific event or feelings connected with it, it’s not the result of luck, a certain case. Harmony, tranquility, joy, which is concentrated in the soul and is the very Bluebird. Happiness is not something that happens around, but a measure of our perception and attunement.

What Happiness Contains 

Happiness is a plant that we ourselves must plant and grow within ourselves, to cherish and nurture. It’s not only for gardeners or professional agronomists. Once potatoes were considered a mysterious plant, but now it’s the most common vegetable, which is planted and grown by all comers.

For joy and harmony, it’s unnecessary to have some super greenhouse conditions and environment. On the contrary, people who have undergone serious trials and hardships have the most acute taste of life. Those who survived hunger and fear of death during the war appreciate the food on the table and the very chance to live, to see family and friends, sunrise and sunset, spring and autumn, and a roof over their heads.

Scientific Research on Happiness

Scientists have tried to establish the truth, to refute existing ideas or to prove that they are right. As a result of the mass of techniques, assessments, it turned out that 50% of what was considered obvious was not confirmed.

For example, there was a belief that young people were happier than older people. But years of research have established the fact that happiness is not measured by age. The young experience deeper and more vivid emotions, but their range is off the charts not only in the plus sign, but also in the minus sign. In sum, both groups experience approximately equal feelings.

It was also thought that women felt happier. But no – the degree of their emotions is more varied, but in the end it is similar for the different sexes. There is a stereotypical view that the smarter a person is, the less happy he is. When psychologists studied this pattern, it turned out to be wrong.

They also studied those peoples who live in unfavorable, difficult climatic conditions: from the Eskimos of the far north to tribes in the jungles of Africa. They expected to find the most unhappy ones there, but the assumptions were not confirmed.

Steps on the Road to Happiness

Happiness is a flow, a pleasure in the process of life.

Feeling happy does not automatically remove problems from our lives, making them “sterile”. But it does give one wings and lifts one to a higher level.

It’s impossible to feel satisfaction from your own apartment, a long-awaited job, meeting interesting people, if you are in a depressed state, in all notice the negative. Then you will always be unhappy.

When you scold everyone and everything, unhappy with themselves and others, you become a “black hole”. And you attract toxic relationships, sizzling events and failures. Dreams are difficult to achieve or remain the light of an unattainable star. Wishes come easily to those who are already harmonious, happy and vibrating in the positive range. The frequency of its waves coincides with the Universe.

Never Blame Others and External Circumstances, Take Responsibility in Your Hands

Neither the autocratic boss, nor the region where you live, nor your obesity or thinness, nor your lack of money, nor your lack of education, are to blame for your situation. This is a bitter truth that is hard to accept. Only you are the creator of your own path.

But don’t throw yourself into the other extreme of self-blame, either. Say to yourself, “Yes, I was wrong, yes I’m not perfect, I have problems. I can fix it, and I take responsibility, I can do anything. I will make certain steps to change this situation”.

Do you hate your job? Find another, at any age, in any city, with different qualifications. Not enough education – learn, if you know a lot – share your knowledge and skills with others. Not enough time? Look for it, optimize your day and there are bound to be free hours.

Some find in every obstacle a number of opportunities to prove themselves. Others moan and complain.

Nurture a Positive View of the World and Chase Away the Negativity

The world around us is how we perceive it. Someone has all the good things he needs, but he feels in a golden cage and suffocates, mired in complaints and dissatisfaction. Others lead a modest, ascetic life, have a serious illness, but see only positive things around them.

Spoil yourself regularly with things you enjoy. An evening stroll, an air croissant, a good movie, horseback riding, planning a jigsaw, giving up cooking, cooking classes, belly dancing, fishing care for stray animals – each has its own component. The main thing is that it adds to happiness and fights freshness all the time.

Don’t watch shows about emergencies, murders, scandals. Don’t contaminate yourself with harmful information.

Control Your Emotions, Don’t Dwell on Mistakes

Both ancient philosophers and the greatest minds of our time agree in the belief that happiness can only be populated by controlling emotions. He who knows how to control his experiences controls the world.

Use meditation in everyday life, know how to stop in the moment and find joy in the little things.

Dream, Move, Go for the Goal

Dreams serve as fuel, a spark, a driving and creative force. They act as a beacon, helping to overcome difficulties. It is important to know the true dream and not to betray it, but to take steps toward fulfillment.

Socialize More, Don’t Shut Yourself Away

Get in contact with nice people, have gatherings with good old friends, don’t abandon your parents. Play and spend quality time with your children.

Be inspired by the achievements of successful people and find a way to help those in need.

Fix Your Mind on Happy Moments

Trouble, hardship, a bad streak? But you must have had some awesome events. Remember what you felt inside, what the emotions, smells, ambiance were. Visualize the happy moments more often, and fill yourself with happiness.

It’s unrealistic to turn into a happy person in one second. But to tune yourself in, to cultivate that feeling in yourself, it’s available to everyone. It’s just a matter of wanting to do it and moving forward.

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