How To Keep Students Engaged In Your Lessons?

Whenever we envision student involvement in learning events, it’s common to consider it a combination of excellent behaviour, pleasant sentiments (i.e., positive involvement), and, most importantly, student understanding. This is since learners may be interpersonally and/or emotionally committed to a certain engagement without even really putting forth the intellectual work required to comprehend and perfect the learning, skill, or ability that the engagement encourages. That is why it is important to make your students engage in your lessons during class. Due to that, teachers can do professional courses and online teacher training programmes to get a good grip on teaching. But how to make your students engaged during your lessons even if they are not interested? In this article, you will get a better understanding of how you should utilise your potential to get a hold of your student’s attention. 

The guidelines that you must follow on if you want your students to engage in your lessons are- 

  • Start your lessonwith a fascinating topic: Often, when you are willing to make your students engage in learning activities, you need to take the first step. For example, start with something that is a fascinating topic in itself. If you are a teacher of mathematics, you must start your lesson with various kinds of logical reasoning sums but basic questions. By doing so, the engagement of the students will be much higher than what you would expect. Students always get fascinated with different kinds of topics, especially at the beginning. So, before you go into the field of your class, you need to make your students comfortable and mesmerised by the topic. You need to give your students a jump start to help them develop an interest in the particular subject that you will be teaching. If interesting information is passed on by you during the class, students will go back home and discuss this information with their families. This way, you will be grabbing the tension at the very first moment of your lclass. Remember that if you start well, you will end fruitfully. So you can think about your interesting facts before your lessons and incorporate them during your classes.
  • Express your interest and eagerness: The moment you start showing that the subject that you are teaching is interesting for you to teach as well, your students will show much more interest than you. Let your students understand how much you are eager to teach them with the knowledge you have. And after you get their attention, make sure that you stick to the mark so that the students don’t get bored. Often, if a student does not like any particular subject, he or she will lack concentration during the  classes. This can create a bad aura during the period. So, make sure that you give every student the same importance that you would give to your child. Remember that if one student starts getting interested in your lesson, then it will be just like a chain reaction. One by one, everyone will be motivated by your passion and eagerness to teach. But if you want that to be the scenario, then you need to express it first before you expect them to get the knowledge. You need to understand that not always smiling can hamper the teaching environment of a teacher. If the student sees you with your ferocious face, then they will be upset and lose interest in being taught by you. So, kindly avoid making serious expressions and smile at least a few times during your lessons
  • Get certain teaching courses done: Often, if we are pursuing our career as an educator, we think that it’s an easy job. But is it? If it had been an easy job, then  the teachers wouldn’t have been teaching in a reputed school. Before you pursue your career as an educator, you need to get some courses done to prepare for your teaching practices. Generally, there are various kinds of courses that have to be taken if you want to become a teacher or an educator. Nowadays, due to modernized technologies, these courses can also be taken online. So, by sitting at your home, you can get the teacher training programmes online without any hassle. Even if you get good grades on certain teaching courses, you can opt for international opportunities. It would be better for you if you had a detailed understanding of what courses need to be taken to become a teacher. Also, you can check the internet or ask your educators about what courses they have passed through to get to the position they are in at present. There are even certain institutes that can help you with getting these courses done in an offline mode.
  • Make contextually relevant interactions: Even if you are starting with an interactive topic or an interesting fact, at a time, the students will get bored of that topic. It is quite natural for students to behave that way because it depends on the standard of students you are managing. Is it the kindergarten students or the higher studies students? But if you do not want them to get bored of your topic, then you need to be more interactive. Ask them frequent questions about the topic you are talking about. Give them hypothetical situations to face that are contextually relevant to your facts. You may also ask them about their decisions if they were in a hypothetical situation. Make them more enthusiastic about the lesson you are giving them. Try to incorporate the field of interest of the students into relevance to the topic that you are talking about. In this way, their engagement will be much greater, and you will be satisfied with their enthusiasm.
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Make sure that you know what you are teaching and how you are making the students interact with you during your lessons. If you keep the following points mentioned above in mind before teaching your students, they would be obliged and thankful for the kind of teacher you would be to them. 

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